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Cash and Company Season 1

13 Episodes Drama, Adventure, History, Australian

A pair of wanted bush rangers try to cash in on the gold rush in 1850s Australia.

A true classic of Australian television, Cash & Company captures the essence of the 1850s – a pioneering era where life was lived on the land and gold was ready for the taking.

Wanted by the law, likeable bushrangers Sam Cash (Serge Lazareff) and cigar smoking accomplice Joe Brady (Gus Mercurio) are men with purpose and the know-how to stay one sneaky step ahead of the authorities. Aided by trusty cohort Jessica Johnson (Penne Hackforth-Jones), the cunning bushrangers set out to capitalise on the great prosperity surrounding the gold rush. However, challenged to uphold the law, Lieutenant Keogh (Bruce Kerr) is on the case and never far behind the bandits.

Logie Award winner for best new series in 1976, Cash & Company includes a dynamic line-up of guest stars, including Terry Gill, Judith Durham (of The Seekers, performing six songs), Gerard Kennedy, Judy Morris, Michael Pate, Noel Ferrier and Tony Bonner. Driven by a lively theme from the ‘Bushwhackers and Bullockies Bush Band’ and directed by award winning filmmakers George Miller (The Man from Snowy River) and Simon Wincer (Lonesome Dove), Cash & Company is an action-packed trip back to an era of horses, hold-ups and wild colonial boys.


Three's Company


Sam Cash encounters Joe Brady during an altercation between the gold miners and Lieutenant Keogh. When a scuffle starts and shots are fired, a desperate Sam and Joe take off on the run from Keogh. Jessica Johnson offers the outlaws refuge at her homestead.

The Witness


In an attempt to clear their names for good Sam and Joe search for a witness, but Lieutenant Keogh also has the man in his sights.

The Intruders


Rival bushrangers are on the scene, leading Sam and Joe to interfere with their operations. Looking for revenge, the angry rivals track Cash and Company back to the homestead.

Golden Girl


Joe is keen to hear past flame and touring singer Sarah Simmons perform despite the risk of getting caught by Keogh.Featuring Judith Durham from The Seekers, performing six songs: ‘Psalm 23 (The Lord Is My Shepherd)’, ‘Rock Of Ages’, ‘Maggie May’, ‘Oh Susannah’ plus her own composition ‘When Starlight Fades’.

Joe Sent Me


When Lieutenant Keogh raids a poker game some of Sam and Joe’s funds are taken. The two devise a plan to track down and retain their gold while Keogh searches the area.

A P.J. Clarke Original


Intervening during a pub altercation, Sam befriends an artist.  Grateful for the assistance he helps Sam recover a valuable thoroughbred impounded by Keogh.

Up To Scratch


When a photograph is taken of Sam and Joe after a boxing match there is concern about the police discovering their whereabouts. So Sam and Joe have to outsmart the photographer who may be looking to hatch a deal with Keogh.

Dolly Mop


Mary Fincher arrives at the homestead desperate to flee from a suspicious man on her trail determined to interfere and take her life.

Halfway House


Threatened by rising flood waters and cornered by the police, Sam, Joe and Jessica hole up at a halfway house.

All My Worldly Goods


A ruthless landowner sets out to take over the homestead and marry Jessica. But Sam and Joe have ideas that might scare him off.

Home Brewed


Sam and Joe help a local whose livelihood is threatened by Keogh. Setting up shelter for her and her young daughter they attempt to help rebuild her business.

Happy Christmas?


Sam and Joe join forces with an escaped prisoner in an attack on the police. But all is not what it seems and trust is compromised when it is discovered the prisoner has ulterior motives.

Such Sweet Sorrow


Have Sam, Joe and Jessica met their match? The trio is put to the ultimate test as their whereabouts are compromised by a newcomer who threatens to ruin their way of life.