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Tandarra Season 1

13 Episodes Drama, Adventure, History, Australian

The adventures of Joe Brady as he attempts to evade the authorities with his partner in crime, Jessica Johnson.

Following the next exciting chapter in the lives of Aussie bushrangers, Tandarra is the lively spin-off of the classic 1850s era television series, Cash & Company.

With Sam Cash out of the picture, Joe Brady (Gus Mercurio) is still wanted by the law for his past bushranging exploits. Remaining one sneaky step ahead of the authorities, in particular Lieutenant Keogh (Bruce Kerr), Joe continues to capitalise on the prosperity brought about by the gold rush - aided by his trusty cohort Jessica Johnson (Penne Hackforth-Jones) on her homestead named Tandarra. But this time around Joe has a new concern keeping him looking over his shoulder. He has a mysterious man on his trail named Ryler (Gerard Kennedy, Underbelly), a tough as leather bounty hunter, determined above all to get his man.

Tandarra features an engaging line-up of guest stars, including George Mallaby, Norman Yemm, Terence Donovan, Max Gillies, Briony Behets, Maurie Fields, Val Lehman, Mike Preston, Peter Cummins and Anne Pendlebury. Filmed at the picturesque Emu Bottom homestead in Sunbury, directed by Russell Haig and Simon Wincer (Lonesome Dove), Tandarra continues the exploration of Australia’s rich colonial past with a pounding sense of heart and adventurous spirit.




Bounty hunter Ryler tracks Brady to Jessica’s homestead, but gets himself on the wrong side of Lt. Keogh. Ryler and Brady form an alliance in order to upstage Keogh.

Shadow Of The Past


Taggart and his gang of bushrangers kill a miner and then attack Jessica and Annie. Ryler sets out to track down Taggart, but is unaware of a potential ambush.

The Brothers


Joe Brady kills a nasty bushranger and captures another. His actions lead to retribution and soon their brothers come looking for vengeance.

Plain Lizzy


A boundary dispute with a wealthy landowner occupy the attentions of Ryler and Brady. But Ryler has other distractions when a woman arrives claiming that he has promised to marry her.

The Manly Art


Ryler and Brady put up their dukes in a boxing match, attempting to prevent a business man from evicting an old lady from her home.

The Return Of King Sampson


Jessica, Ryler and Brady discover a frightened girl on their property. There is also evidence that a lion is on the loose, placing everyone in danger.

The Odds


Ryler is blamed for the death of a blind man’s father and must take care when someone visits Tandarra with an ulterior motive.



Ryler befriends newcomer Davey and offers him some work at Tandarra. But when it is discovered that Davey is a military deserter, Jessica and Joe formulate a plan to help him out.

Whoyoo Kudaitja Man


Joe steps in and saves an local Aborigine from trouble, but a neighbour believes they have placed a curse on his young daughter.

Come The Revolution


Time to turn the tables as Ryler is offered a reward by a bank manager to track bushranger Flynn down in order to find his daughter, who was kidnapped during the robbery.

The Legacy Of Walter Dummett


The trio is drawn into a situation where a group of people are interested in acquiring the late Walter Dummett’s mine. But there are suspicious circumstances that cast a shadow of doubt across the actions of his widow.

Your Money For Your Wife


An old friend of Joe’s visits and, mistaking his situation for wealth, seizes an opportunity to kidnap Jessica for ransom.

That's What Worries Me


The trio discovers a gold nugget which places them in considerable jeopardy when an unwelcome stranger arrives at the homestead.