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Grim Pickings Season 1

2 Episodes Drama, Australian

A whodunnit of Agatha Christie proportions!

The family gathers at Aunt Alice’s place every year to pick apples. The reunions are always tense—but this time the atmosphere seems even more strained than the last fractious year. Is it just the usual frustrations and jealousies between relatives and generations—or is something much more sinister afoot? The answer is soon confirmed in the positive, leaving many more questions than solutions. An intrepid, seen-it-all local cop must unpick the mystery and find the bad apples in the bunch.

Based on a beloved Jennifer Rowe book, GRIM PICKINGS is a 2-part whodunnit shot in the Adelaide foothills, featuring Max Cullen and Lorraine Bailey among a large ensemble cast. Umbrella Entertainment is proud to bring back this cult TV favourite from 1989—rarely seen since its original release.


Part One

1h 32m

Discover the mystery thriller based on the best-seller by Jennifer Rowe!

Part Two

1h 31m

Finish this contemporary tale of murder and mayhem!