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Waterfront Season 1

2 Episodes Drama, Australian, History

Australian dockyard workers go on strike and immigrant Italian workers are brought in as scab labour.

1928, Australia faces one of the toughest battles in history. It’s not a fight against an enemy on a far off shore, but a struggle within – a climate of class divisions, industrial disputes and rising unemployment – disarming realities of the Great Depression. With waterside workers on strike for better pay and conditions, Italian labourers are brought in to cross the picket line and get the work done. Caught in the crossfire of unrest are tough wharfie Maxey Woodbury (AFI Award winner Jack Thompson, Breaker Morant) and upper-class Italian migrant Anna Chieri (AFI Award winner Greta Scacchi, Looking For Alibrandi) – two people from opposite sides, who find romance in the most unlikely of places.

Winner of four Logie Awards, including Best Miniseries, Best Lead Actor, Actress and Supporting Actress - Noni Hazlehurst, Waterfront is a compelling slice of Australian history, exploring an era of great cultural change and challenging social unrest.


Part One

2h 22m

Wharfies involved in a worker’s dispute and Italian refugees desperate to work during the Depression clash with tragic consequences.

Part Two

2h 22m

The determination to stand up for what is right in a world that is rapidly slipping into a showdown between the extremes of fascism and communism.