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Hotel Sorrento

1h 47m Drama, Australia, Australian 1995

Three sisters uncover a truth that will shake the well-established foundations of 'Hotel Sorrento' forever.

Based on Hannie Rayson’s award-winning play, Hotel Sorrento explores the delicate undercurrent of memories and secrets during a long-overdue family reunion in the sleepy Australian seaside town of Sorrento, where shadows of the past catch up with three decidedly different sisters. A successful writer with a book about to be published and residing in the cultural melting-pot of London, Meg (Caroline Goodall, Schindler’s List) carries with her a stifling spirit and mystery which unsettles her other siblings: Pippa (Tara Morice, Strictly Ballroom) a fast-talking businesswoman visiting from New York and reserved single mother Hilary (Caroline Gillmer, Evil Angels), who looks after their dad Wal (AFI Award winner Ray Barrett), whilst raising her teenage son Troy (Ben Thomas, Round The Twist). Catching up on all things family, discussing the great cultural divide and matters much closer to home, the three sisters soon uncover a truth that will not only turn their lives around, but shake the well-established foundations of ‘Hotel Sorrento’ forever.


Richard Franklin

Closed Captions [CC]




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