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The Mango Tree

1h 30m Drama, Australia, Australian 1977

As World War I rages in the distant background, Jamie Carr (Christopher Pate) passes through the last year of high school.

Jamie Carr (Christopher Pate) is a young man growing up in Bundaberg, Northern Queensland during the closing years of World War I. Jamie, who is in his final year of high school, was brought up by his grandmother (a moving character portrait by Geraldine Fitzgerald). Grandma Carr is known and loved by all in the town, and does her best to help Jamie through the emotional turmoil of adolescence. After the death of his beloved grandmother, Jamie sets out to build a future of his own in the city as he and his friends face the possibility of being sent to war. Based on the novel by Ronald McKie, The Mango Tree was written and produced by former Hollywood actor, Michael Pate, and features ballet star, Robert Helpmann.


Christopher Pate (Jamie Carr) , Geraldine Fitzgerald (Grandma Carr)





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