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1h 35m Drama, Australia, Australian 1985

A single mother, Fran is devoted to her children. But something is lacking in her life, and that something is the love of a man her own age.

In the wake of a messy divorce, Fran (Noni Hazlehurst, Monkey Grip) is left to care for her three children. While devoted to her children, she longs for more in her life and develops a relationship with Jeff (Alan Fletcher, Return Home), a barman. But Fran’s endeavours to sustain a meaningful relationship and attend to her matriarchal duties are often at conflict, causing her to call on close friend and neighbour, Marge (Annie Byron, Muriel’s Wedding), to care for the children in her absence. Soon the dynamics of love and trust are tested as Fran faces a betrayal destined to tear the fabric of her family and thrust her into an uncertain future.

Winner of three AFI Awards, including Best Actress, Supporting Actress and Screenplay, Fran is a dramatic, thought provoking story with insight and heart.


Noni Hazelhurst (Fran) , Alan Fletcher (Jeff) , Annie Byron (Marge)


Glenda Hambly





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