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Skin Deep

1h 32m Australian, Drama, Australia 1983

A businesswoman is struck by a scandal when it discovered that one of her models may be her illegitimate daughter.

Barbara Kennedy (Briony Behets, The Saddle Club) is a successful businesswoman cutting a career in the high-stakes fashion and modeling industry. Facing arch rival Vanessa Corey (Carmen Duncan, Winners and Losers) in an upcoming fashion designers awards night, Barbara’s handsome partner Cliff (James Smilie, Prisoner) is ready to propose marriage. But scandal is on the breeze when it is discovered one of her own fledgling models may in fact be her illegitimate daughter, smashing the spotlight and casting a shadow of doubt across proceedings.

Prepare yourself for an eye-opening look at Australia’s fashion and modeling scene in the mid 1980’s, a cut-throat business where looks are everything and beauty is but skin deep. Featuring an early performance from Oscar® winner Nicole Kidman, Skin Deep explores the glossy lifestyle and scandalous drama that exists behind closed doors, where beauty is your brand and appearance is paramount.


Mark Joffe


Chris Langman



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