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1h 37m Drama 2018

A man stranded in the arctic must make a choice between self preservation at the cost of anothers life.

Nothing registers the fragility of a human quite as starkly as the sight of a mere dot ambling through an endless ocean of white snow. Nothing represents endurance quite as vividly as an individual trudging through a howling gale, barely visible through heavy spindrift. Sole-survivor of a plane crash, and stranded deep within the icy Arctic Circle, Overgård (Mads Mikkelson, Hannibal ) spends his days surviving on the fish he can pull from beneath the ice while waiting for a rescue that may never come. When a sudden turn of events finds him no longer on his own, Overgård must make a choice between self-preservation at the cost of another’s life, or making the trek through the frozen wasteland in order to save them. The debut feature from director Joe Penna, Arctic is a powerful saga of survival in the face of a hostile landscape and the choices that define our humanity in the spirit of 127 Hours and All is Lost.


Joe Penna

Closed Captions [CC]




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