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Stan and George's New Life

1h 40m Drama, Australia, Australian 1991

A gentle tale of two loners finding mid-life love at the weather bureau, this film is an unconventional Aussie comedy with a sunny outlook.

Stan (Paul Chubb, Dirty Deeds) is a 40 year old bachelor living with his parents and running his father’s modest suburban barber shop in Melbourne. Life and love have seemingly passed him by and it is up to Stan’s father (John Bluthal, Dark City) to rock the boat and send him on his merry way. Stan takes a job at the local branch of the weather bureau, where he meets George (Julie Forsyth, Kath & Kimderella), a cheery spinster who happily shows him the ropes. As romance blossoms, Stan’s new confidence in life inspires him to read the weather reports on a local radio station. With his personal and professional life soaring sky high and marriage on the cards, it takes more than a few dark clouds and bad weather to dampen his enthusiasm. But when misleading forecasts begin to frustrate the farming community, Stan and George’s reputation takes a beating, requiring urgent resuscitation and perhaps some good old fashioned TLC.

Lovingly observed comedy, with humane reflections on the intricacies and eccentricities of romance, Stan and George’s New Life is a unique love story with meteorological undertones.


Brian McKenzie





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