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In the Wake of the Bounty

1h 7m Action, Drama, Australia, Australian 1933

A former member of the crew of the HMS Bounty recounts the story of the mutiny aboard ship.

One of the most infamous and daring tales of mutiny at sea, the story of HMS Bounty’s fateful voyage as presented by Charles Chauvel (The Rats of Tobruk) in 1933 is one of exotic adventure, treachery, peril and lasting historical significance.

Purchased by the Royal Navy and refitted for service, HMS Bounty embarked on an expedition to acquire breadfruit plants from the Tahiti region. With Commanding Lieutenant William Bligh (Mayne Lynton) at the helm and a hardworking crew ready to serve, the ship set sail and arrived in Tahiti after ten arduous months at sea. After collecting more than a thousand breadfruit plants and enjoying a taste of fraternisation with the natives, the return journey was less than jovial. Marked with growing frustration and tension between the crew, mutiny soon erupted and the rest became the stuff of legend. In his first ever film performance, screen legend Errol Flynn (Captain Blood) portrays infamous mutineer as man of action, Fletcher Christian.

In The Wake of The Bounty is a detailed dramatised account of the mutiny aboard HMS Bounty on 28th of April, 1789. Fully restored and presented in a brand new transfer, In The Wake of The Bounty incorporates documentary footage, anthropological observations and insightful narration from Arthur Greenaway, helping make Charles Chauvel’s first ‘talkie’ an exotic exploration into the consequences of this famed historical incident.


Erroll Flynn (Fletcher Christian)


Charles Chauvel



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